Hi! I've been known to be pretty reclusive, but I'd like to start attending some good and informative mystery/crime writing conferences. Does anyone have any suggestions of those you found particularly fun and interesting?

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I am not sure Linda, as I have never gone to any either, but I am reading your thread here with major perked up ears :)
Me, too. Let's hope somebody knows of a few good ones. Then we'll both go and get to meet each other!!
There are many wonderful conferences out there. I'd name them all, but to save some time you could visit my website (www.leelofland.com) and take a peek at my calendar, if you like. There are several conferences listed there along with links to their sites. If you want to know about more I'll be glad to list some for you.
Thanks, Lee. Sounds perfect because I've been wanting to meet you. I plan to come to the Sisters In Crime in St. Louis but haven't signed up. I'll go see what you're up to. I've heard a lot of good things about Love Is Murder, held in Chicago, of course.
Mayhem in the Midlands, in Omaha is great because it's small and not as overwhelming as, say, Bouchercon. Likewise with Murder in the Grove in Boise. I've heard good things about love is murder and I'm working on going there....
Thanks, JD~ What is Bouchercon?
Bouchercon is the Big Kahuna, the Numero Uno, of mystery conferences. It's the one everyone asks if you're going to.

It's enormous, and while I've loved the ones I've been to, it can be a bit daunting. I compare it to trying to drink from a firehose.

This year it's being held in Anchorage. I'd love to go, but no way can I afford the time and money required to get there from North Carolina.

Bouchercon 2008, however, is in Baltimore, put on by Jon and Ruth Jordan. The Jordans are, as far as I'm concerned, the Gold Standard of mystery fandom. More here..

Laura Lippmann is the Guest of Honor.

Baltimore is going to ROCK.
Wow, this sounds like fun. I doubt if Alaska is in my future, either. Baltimore, though, sounds good. Thanks, JD, and to think I hadn't ever heard of the mother of all mystery conferences!
There are tons of conferences, but the big one coming up is Bouchercon 2007 in Anchorage, Alaska. I am kind of biased because I am working with the steering committe to put it on. Anchorage tends to be a more intimate place than any other. I have attended lots of conferences in both a professional and private manner. Alaska Sisters in Crime hosted Left Coast Crime in 2001 and it was a wonderful experience. There were so many opportunities to get to know one another and hit loads of panels. I think the same will be true with the one in September. Baltimore should be great too. I have nothing but good things about Thrillerfest. The Left Coast Crime confernces are wonderful too.
As far as this year's Bouchercon, the plans are awesome. We will have Kirsten Dixon cook for us and she is sponsoring a wonderful writing contest: Who is Baby Harry? and it has such a great prize. We will be well entertained throughout the conference and Mr. Whitekeys will help us party through the night after the Anthony Awards on Saturday night.
Publishers are hosting wonderful receptions. The restaurants have come up with new recipes that are so mouthwatering. The sights are incredible.Check the website for updates at www.bouchercon2007.com.
So, does this sound like advertising? I just know it's going to be fun.
Man alive, does this one sound like fun! And I HAVE always wanted to see Alaska. You might've just talked me into it. ; ) Thanks, Louisa. I'm going to check out that website.
If you go and are there the 26th of September, some of us are getting together at Rumrunners after 6p.m.Hope to see you there.
Hi Linda,

I'm in Alaska, too. I posted lots of photos of the Bouchercon 2007 venue here on Crimespace. You can see the convention hotel, city, convention center with Anchorage's Town Center right in front of it and the Log Cabin Visitor's Bureau behind it. One thing I've learned since moving to Alaska 13 years ago, is that you can take photos anywhere and they'll look awesome. I hope to go to Baltimore. When that author from North Carolina is bemoaning being able to get here due to funds, flight time, etc., it's kinda funny because most of us seem to be from Outside. I grew up in Maine. Have learned ways to get here and travel around the Lower 48 without breaking the bank. If you sign up for Alaska Airlines' frequent flier program, you instantly get miles by subscribing to their e-news, and many other ways, and can purchase them cheaper than buying the ticket. We recently went to Seattle for about $239 roundtrip because we used 7500 of our ff miles to purchase tickets at half-price. We took Amtrak once we got to Seattle to go to Portland, OR, etc., so it can be done. Anyway, I'm sorry some folks will miss out because we seem remote, but it makes us great book readers. Barnes and Noble and Borders both have sales in Anchorage among the top 5 in the U.S.!!! Hope we'll see you next month.


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