Come on! No, I won't bother you for research, I can do my own. I just want to see who you are and what you're writing or reading. Let's go. We don't have all day!

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Thanks for that! Bullet proof?! woah! I bet you get loads of ideas working at your job. Listen thanks for answering and I really do wish you the best of luck. I bet anything you get published. Getting an Agent is the first step, right?!
From what I understand, Agents don't take on board everyone's work by a long shot! You go and do it! You'll see. They're business people Agents. I don't think they take on anyone who's work they don't feel certain they can get published. keep me posted, because I want to know.
Glad it's overkill about the glass. not a bad idea really when you consider all the crazies! it would have helped in the film, ACROSS 110THSTREET, right?! I come from Manhattan--okay, i left it several centuries ago, but I remember the crazies and the crime. so it's better to have some overkill and remain safe!
I'm a cop. Currently working in Sacramento (which is why I've been scarce this last past month). Twenty-something years now. I write. What I'm reading now...just finished James Rollins' THE JUDAS STRAIN.
I'm both a writer (THE BLACK WIDOW AGENCY) and have almost ten years in at a mid-sized police department. I'm a civilian supervisor who, among many other duties, oversees technology, reviews police reports for correctness, attends ranking officer meetings and does whatever the Chief tells me to do. Today I worked on unsolved homicides. Other days I'm sending autopsy photos back to be correctly coded. I'm on call and wear a bunch of different hats, but they know better than to let me carry a gun. My personal areas of expertise are cybercrime and law enforcement technology. When I'm not at the day job, I'm writing so reading time has become a bit limited. Thanks for asking!
Joyce, no tasers for me either. Not even OC spray. You'd think I was dangerous or something...
Love that title! Black Widow. Your job sounds so interesting. All the best!
The most creative writing I get to do lately is a police report or block letters with my just-turned-5 year old. I do make time to read, however, and am currently reading Mariah Stewart's latest trilogy. Unfortunately I cannot get away from the job and almost always read murder mysteries off duty. On duty these days, I am stuck with pedophiles and rapists...I miss narcotics investigations!
I've been telling her that for a while. She'd make a great writer. Writes one hell of a police report, too! In fact, Det. B. is the genesis of The Black Widow Agency because we were chatting (okay, commisserating) about work at the station onoe day and she off-handedly made a comment about starting up an all-female PI agency called "The Black Widow Agency." My mind started spinning with story ideas. Thanks, Sista!
The things you must see! Assuming you don't write fiction, why not try your hand at some non-fiction based on what you live through on your job. I bet home and family are a great mainstay for you. I really admire you. I mean that.
I was a police detective for several years and I've just completed a book on police procedure and investigation. In fact, it was just released by Writers Digest Books last week. I also just worked out a deal to write a kid's book that's scheduled for release in the spring of 2008.
thank you. I want you to know I already tried to order that book here. But don't think I can here in England. See, I have a problem. I am an American who lives here (marriage), I write hardboiled, crime stuff and the setting is always America. sometimes it's difficult to get reserach. but I bet i can get the book from writer's digest? i'll try. Ever think about writing fiction based on your experiences?
Did you try Amazon? I understand it's available there.

It's also available from Writers Digest Books.

And, you can always write me with your questions. I'll be more than happy to help.

The fiction is in the works...


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