Did anyone else in Australia see The Eagle on SBS last night

Last night SBS showed the first episode of Danish Series - The Eagle, A Crime Oddessy - Codename Sisyphus

Winner of the International Emmy award for Best Drama Series in 2005, and from the same people who created Unit One comes this riveting police drama and crime odyssey. The enigmatic Hallgrim Hallgrimsson is on his way to Iceland to see his sick mother when he is called back because a policeman has been killed at Copenhagen airport. Four murders and a daring rescue later detective Hallgrim Hallgrimsson, AKA The Eagle, accepts a position in the police commissioner's new team so he can work on solving the case. (From Denmark, in Danish with English subtitles)

Did anyone else watch it?

I thought it was fabulous - right up there with the standard set by Unit One last year.

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That definitely sounds like its worth checking out , Karen. But I was up all night playing around here. :)
LOL - Foxtel is very addictive isn't it - don't tell me you're trapped on the Sci-Fi channel :)
I missed chunks of it but what I saw of it I liked a great deal. I like that the characters aren't pretty-pretty straight out of a modelling agency. They look as though they've lived don't they.

Looking forwarad to next week's installment. Makes a nice replacement for Don Matteo.
I never really got into Don Matteo but I think from memory you loved it didn't you Sunnie - what was it all about again?
It was about a catholic priest in a town in Italy who solved crimes for hte police. Terence Hill played the priest, he was friends with the chief of police who fancied the beautiful (female) town mayor and he had a sidekick who provided some comic relief. Cute show.
It was good wasn't it? They've made 3 series so far, so we should be in for some months of good viewing. I like the Icelandic connection too.

And how about the new series of Spooks last night? Got off to a very good start I thought.
Did indeed - but di d you think it stopped abruptly or did I nod off?
I've already seen the first few eps of the new Spooks series.
First couple of episodes are an ongoing storyline. (can't remember if it's two or three now) but they were real dillies weren't they. Just when you think it's starting to go stale they pull another rabbit out of a hat and put in a new twist.
Yes, Karen, watched and am continuing to watch. It's soooooo good. A bit like Spooks in format and style. And sub-titles mean you can't afford to take your eyes off the screen. And tonight's the finale! Will the good guys triumph?
We watched the finale happily (Sunnie arrived from Tasmania yesterday to start MWF festivities today) and the ending was interesting wasn't it - not quite what we expected for some reason. Now we have to wait patiently to see what joy SBS will unearth for us next! Unit One and The Eagle have truly been fantastic television.


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