This is my first post and it is off topic as far as writing/reading goes. but I hope someone on here is really in to cats and can answer a question for me.

I have two cats, one adopted and one I took in from the outside. both are great cats and a joy to have. but, the one I adopted does this one thing that I can't figure out. He brings me my dishcloth, bath towel, kitchen towel, or anything that he can find. and I can always tell becasue he starts this really deep, deep meow. It is comical to watch him come dragin in a bath towel that he trips over in the process. I've never seen a cat do this and even my vet is dumbfounded. any ideas?

Thanks Alex

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That's cute! We just got rid of ours (couldn't get it through her head that the litter box was not a suggestion) but she carried things around. The bathtub plug was always in the living room floor by my computer. We found a bunch of the dog's toys in my daughter's room in the box where she kept the cat "stuff".
HA! My cat doesn't do anything like that (he just meows all the time so I can come pet him), but that's pretty funny. They are such clever animals. Mine pops open one of my kitchen cupboards so he can hide among the boxes of tin foil and plastic wrap.
Mine also likes to hide in the cupboards. He also likes boxes. right now he has taken over the pepsi carton.
Baby, ( the once homeless cat) is quite, hardly ever hear a peep from him.

Thanks for the reply
Sounds like a very clean cat to me! I love cats and anything they do fascinates me. LoMein, the youngest of our two cats, insists on taking the place where I write and gets quite annoyed when I push him off. But I do. My husband, on the other hand, will sit somewhere else and let the cats stay wherever they land. I guess he loves cats even more than I do.
My mom said the same thing. It just amazes me how smart these guys are.
never a dull moment around here! :)

Thanks for the reply


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