A puzzler set today before Crimespace's quietest bookseller:

Customer in looking for a british crime writer he met in Yorkshire. First name Robert, last name starts with "Br..."

That's all the info we have. Its been puzzling us all day. We thought he may have misheard and suggested Richard Burke, but the customer is adamant that the name was "Robert".

If YOU can help, our entire shop shall bow gratefully in your general direction.

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The only one I can think of off the top of my head would be Robert Barnard. Doesn't quite match the Br thing but he does have a gentle, rolling sort of a voice.

Its actually an excellent suggestion.

I am bowing on behalf of the store!
Robert Barnard was my first thought too. And I believe he lives in Yorkshire.
Confirmed this morning - its Robert Barnard.

Really, this was all we had to go on. All the customer would say was he knew the fellow wrote some kind of crime/detective novels. But a picture, a plot descripton and strict adherence to the name "Robert" seem to have convinced him this was who he met.

Thanks guys, once again. All here are bowing in your general direction.
I've never met Mr. Barnard, but from his author photos, I would think you couldn't miss him.


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