....humour too? Light moments as well as dark ones? I'm writing a novel--part of a series. The murder happens very early on, And although there is the investigation of that murder as well as the interaction of friends and relatives of the victim, who mourn, are angry, etc. There is humor too in other scenes, at other times. Humor in day to day life.
Not dominating the novel, but balancing it out as it were. because (as I see it ) life is light and dark. comic and tragic.
anybody?! writers, readers! Help!

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Sure it can. Sometimes humor makes a dark character even more disturbing.
Thanks Cyndi!
actually, now that you mention it, it's very true. It is disturbing.
But let me ask you this. What about a novel--the first chapter of which depicts a terrible murder. And then afterwards, the characters investigate that murder--but the leads (the Private Eye and and a relation of the victim) have some humorous scenes?
Read any 87th Precinct novel (Ed McBain). He had a pair of homicide detectives, Monaghan and Monroe, who appeared at every crime scene with their black humor. Some people love 'em, some people hate 'em, but they're always there.

In general, McBain/Evan Hunter knew how to inject the right amount of humor into a horrific situation, whether by using M/M or one of his other, more deeply characterized detectives.
yes , very good answer. cops do that and I loved reading McBAin because it had such a ring of truth. but my question doesn't concern the police as much as the other characters--main ones who aren't police--can there be humor I don't want to produce what I hope will be the first in a series of P. I. novels, set in 1947, that come off with too much humor, and not black humor at that. do you see what I mean?
I think you can make it work. Like you said, it wouldn't dominate the novel. I think it would make it more interesting.
thanks again Cyndi. i'm going to carry on and see how it goes.
Shakespeare used humor in the tragedies. It heightens the horror.
Yes, true. but I ain't Shakespeare. Will people give me the same lee-way?! seriously, I know what you mean. i'll try it and see what happens.
Stuart MacBride does it with considerable aplomb - his subject matter is often dark - his delivery isn't.
Ooh thank you Karen! going to check him out!
Stuart McBride is seriously good. A recent discovery for me.
i'll have to check him out. thanks.


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