Death By Briefs and Boxers - When the Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Kelli might have thought of this, since there is a Classical Greek precedent, but really, now . . . what 'consultant' came up with this bright idea?

Ex-minister guilty in assassination plot

Article from: Reuters
From correspondents in Pretoria
August 17, 2007 07:05pm

SOUTH Africa's apartheid-era police minister Adriaan Vlok was handed a suspended 10-year prison sentence today after pleading guilty to charges of attempting to murder a leading black activist cleric in 1989.

State advocate Anton Ackerman told the Pretoria High Court the sentence would be suspended for five years.

Vlok, his former police chief Johann van der Merwe and three lower-ranking policemen, pleaded quilty on a charge of the attempted murder of anti-apartheid activist Frank Chikane, now adviser to President Thabo Mbeki, by poisoning his underwear.

Vlok last year washed Chikane's feet in an act of contrition - a hugely symbolic act in a country where many people count themselves as devout Christians.
Protesters outside the court today demanded that Vlok be prosecuted for other human rights abuses when he was in charge of police during apartheid, the racially based political system that existed in South Africa from 1948 to 1994.

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But what did he poison his underwear with?
I suspect a tube of Atomic Balm.
Oh. Oh, that hurt. You realize you're going to hell for that one, right?
Yes, I do Stephen. And I'm gonna be laughing the entire way!


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