rather go out doing whatever or would you rather write--provided--! your writing was going well for a change?! HONESTY, please!

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Sorry so late getting back. Great book. Mark Billingham's Death Message.
right. definitely will check that out. thanks!
You should. It's his most recent though and old story lines may pop up. Have you read any of his books yet? If not i would highly recommend Sleepyhead. That's his first and my all time favourite!
thanks, just reserved it the library. i'll look forward to reading it, just wish i didn't have to sleep. i could accomplish so much if i didn't have to be unconsious for 6 hours anight or so! think about it!
Do you mean go out just to be going out? Then I'd rather write. If I had somehitng special planned I was looking forward to, I'd do that. Just to get out of the house? Writing gets you out of the house, even if you're still there physically.
i think i mean even if you had something special planned! isnt' that awfu?! but it's just how i feel sometimes if i'm getting carried away!
Carole i had that same discussion recently and i swear i have since been trying to cut back on my sleep time. I do well with little sleep and then once a week i need one night of about 10 hours so i am gaining nothing..
well it's true, right? but don't make yourself nuts. you still need sleep. when you say little sleep how little are you talking about? i need at least six. but then even when i was very young i couldn't go without much sleep.
I just spent Sat evening writing and swilling over-priced coffee at the big box book store & coffee nook. Hubby was home preparing for the first of many of his fantasy football league drafts (and he teases me about my over-active imagination. I may suffer from delusions of getting published, but at least I'm not living in a world where I think LaDaninan Tomilson will still be available for the guy with the tenth pick of the first round).
very good, karen! wish had a book store near me like that. with my husband it's motor racing and lawn mower racing. that's right. they take lawn mowers strip them down and make racers out of them! see how muh luckier you are! there's a photo of the thing that John made with his own hands on my page! they're in their own world. but what i find is it's good because then we can get on with it. and you'll get published. i'm not yet either but i intend to be! we have to cheer each other on. a friend of mine used to say if only--and she got published and is very successful. she isn't on this site. all the best. enjoy your posh coffee!
very good. i would do the same. right now, though what with the pending puppy litter due for next week I know i will be mucho interruptus. however, the delivery room is the kitchen and aside from the actual birthing--i write here often during the day. so i'll probably turn my head and yell: okay Penny? and continue. no seriously. i just wish it was happening like next year!
I stayed in Saturday night with all of my sister's dogs and Patricia Corwell's Predator. I wish I could write!


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