rather go out doing whatever or would you rather write--provided--! your writing was going well for a change?! HONESTY, please!

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i don't stop if it's going well.
me too. but anne, what do I do?! my dog is about to have puppies--in a week or so and i jsut got so into my books. what would you do? my husband is here to help but I know i'll be distracted. maybe when ic an, just work on plot notes or something!
I stayed in to read, does that count!
of course, but it must be a really good book. what is it?
I only leave the house when the beer starts getting low. Know anybody who delivers?
you sound like my husband. deliveries rare here in my neck of the woods, but i bet there are in yours! xxx
THANK YOU! me too. i don't want to clean or cookd ( ido. though) well, I cook, that is I pop stuff inthe oven. we eat and then I write again. good man!
Write, at the moment. Got to get alot of it in because I'll be partying my brains out at the Long's Peak Scottish Festival the 2nd weekend of September, in Estes Park. It's right on the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Will have my usual Macallan's in the Stanley Hotel bar, then we are taking the ghost tour to visit the haunted areas in the Hotel...to see just what spooked ol' Stephen King when he stayed there. The elk will be going into rut and defending the herds...so the bugling will be magnificent...they are under protection there. Lots of Celtic music and concerts and dancing. Big, bruising guys in kilts tossing cabers, hammers and bags of oats. Yummmmmm!

We plan on dusting off our velcro-straps and mirrors to strap to our shoes and then follow the men around. The view isn't very good, despite what Catholic boys try to tell each other, but the guys get a kick out of it. Blame it on the Whisky!
sounds like more fun than old scottish hognaminy (?) night , burn's night or new years eve in scotland put together! what spooked king by the way? do tell.
King lived in Boulder for sometime. I think he either worked a summer at the Stanley or stayed there a couple of times, but the activity is said to be pretty heavy there, with several rooms haunted. King has said he actually saw an apparition or two there and it inspired The Shining. All I know is it's beautiful and every Scottish festival, we have a Scotch at the Bar, then wander the hotel's public areas. Doing the Ghost Tour there this year!
Given the choice? If it was the only time available and my husband really wanted to get out and do something, I'd go out. Otherwise, I'd stay and write. I'm not particularly interested in getting out and doing stuff when I'm writing, but if he really wanted to, I'd do it.
same here. i'm lucky though. my husband is a certified tinker--tinkers with the car, with machinery, with the computers--always doing something. but if it was like something with his kids (grown up) we'd go. sometimes we go an i sit there smiling, but in my head i'm makingnotes! his family's nice, they make allowances for me. like thinking--oh, there she goes again!


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