rather go out doing whatever or would you rather write--provided--! your writing was going well for a change?! HONESTY, please!

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try. we all started once. write about something like staying in with your sister's dogs and reading something that makes you nervous. maybe you hear footsteps overhead... and why are the dogs whining like that?
think aobut what it could be.
try it cyndi! why not?
I've always wanted to write but I just can't make the process happen! I ordered some books from Amazon, though, and sprung for one about plot and structure. Maybe I can pound something out even if nobody reads it except me! Thanks for the encouragement! I was placed in an honors English class in college because of my ACT scores but my score was based on the technical English stuff and the class was composition. I failed BIG! I could write the things I needed to, but couldn't fill it around it if that makes sense.
yes, it does make sense. so start with an essay which is non fiction, like how you felt when your daughter was born. write about your own feelings about anything.
see, writing i find is subjective. i feel what i write. like for example several centuries ago when I was young, i took acting. i learned to become other people. very often i can see, feel and think what my characters feel and so on. try it. why not?!


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