I live in Philadelphia, and there's was a pretty good article in the Inquirer about Swedish crime novels. Good stuff, so far. . . .


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Weather does not seem to have that effect here in Alaska. Our taste of Norway are the Robert Sorlies and other mushers who show so much determination during the Iditarod. There is a 'bad" part of town in Anchorage, and gangs, and since there are only two roads out of the city, it amazes me that so much crime and so much horrendous crime with guns and cars can happen within. It was also horrifying to read Tom Brennan's book, MURDER AT 50 BELOW, and realize I knew about these cases, I read about them in the newspaper, and saw them on the nightly news, and watched the trials unfold! But back to Swedes, Danish, Norwegian... it does sound like a quieter and safer place to live.
Add some Finns like Kjell Westo to those Scandinavians as well - Lang is not a book for everyone but I thought it was fantastic.
I had to laugh... I've only just joined this site, and venturing into the forum, I was browsing the topics and this one caught my attention.
I write original comedy stage plays set around Sherlock Holmes, and although I keep to a criminal element within the basic storyline, I attempt to make the story as humorous as possible, but what I'm trying to get to, is that only three days ago, I came up with an idea for a new play story, and the title is The Mystery of The Missing Swiss Miss!
Coincidental or what?

Oh, and hello to everyone... I'm looking forward to meeting and chatting.
Hello and welcome Roger, guess it must be fate :)
Thank you Laura, and yes I think I probably is!!

I'm looking forward to having many fun-filled discussions and laughs with everybody. Hope you're well, and looking forward to 'chatting' with you. Take care.
Hello, all. I wrote that article about those Swiss... er, those Swedish crime novelists. I'll enthusiastically second those recommendations of Friedrich Glauser, though. I'm on record as calling him one of the best crime writers ever, and I stand by that record.

Donna, far from mangling about three-quarters of those names, I think all you did was drop an e from Gunnar Staalesen's name. I have to look that one up all the time.

The next issue of Mystery Readers Journal will be devoted to Scandinavian mysteries, by the way. It should be out next month (http://www.mysteryreaders.org/). I'll have an article in it about an unexpected subject, so flood the editor with subscription orders now!


Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"
Well, goddamn, I've created a monster.
A monster called social networking ... an avalanche of interest. Åsa Larsson is another Swedish crime novelist worth reading, especially if you've already read some other Swedish crime novels. Her work has a different feel because of its setting in Sweden's far north.

And Norway's Jo Nesbø is a nut, a whack job and a hell of a crime novelist. he can write about an alcoholic protagonist without lapsing into melodrama, which is not always easy.

Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"


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