written by a person I've never met in person but who I have as one of my 196 friends here at Crimespace: Echoes of Torment by Kevin Helmold. Haven't read the thing yet, but it sounded good though I wouldn't have known about it without having been on this site.

Anyone else alerted to a new writer through this site?

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I've added a few to my list - some of them writers who I had heard of but not read, but their posts have made me REALLY want to read their stuff, and also people I hadn't heard of before but getting to know them a wee bit on here has meant that I will definitely be looking out for their books/stories.
Me too. I also have budgetary limitations that prevent me from buying ALL the books I've learned about here! (That's why I do the blog book tours - I get $20 gift certificates... though obviously I still have to pick and choose whom to buy first.)


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