We need to get Daniel to America.................fast and soon

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We need to get Daniel to America.................fast and soon
The draft Daniel movement?
Daniel is running for president of the US ? I thought you had to be a natural born citizen.

Should we take up a collection?
What about Left Coast Crime Denver in March '08?

Still, Baltimore will have everyone he might want to meet...
I think we should all get together and create one of those begging websites with a paypal account. Create a sob story about Daniel and his dream of coming to America.

Or we should con the Make a Wish Foundation. Can we get away with that? Karma wouldn't screw us for something like that would it?
Not at all. People do that all the time. We'll tell him that he's a poor, lonely, autistic boy with with dreams of seeing the United States before he dies from some multi-syllabic brain disease that leaves him incontinent and drooling. he should be able to pull off the incontinent and drooling part pretty well.
Anyone who went to all the trouble to do this for us is worth a tenner. Put me down.
Sign me up. I've been trying to get his ass over here for like two years now. I've even got a bottle of Springbank with his name on it. But does he come out to claim it? Noooooooooo.
"I've been trying to get his ass over here for like two years now."

I didn't realize the nature of your interest in Daniel.
Oh shit. Do you actually have the bottle? I thought you'd get it, then send it or ... something. That bottle was only supposed to be if we hit 50k! You're the one that's finished the first draft. You should get something from me first.

Damn. My access to the 'good' stuff has been cut off indefinitely. Might have to build a still myself.
I fall asleep for what, eight hours, and this happens?

Ken, you're a legend. Glad to see you round these parts.

Everyone else, I already wrote something about not coming to Thrillerfest, so scoot on over and have a read, then come back.

Back yet? Good.

Thing is, if I did go this year, Thrillerfest's the one for me. I've been to NY before and I have a couple of friends living there now. Not sure how I feel about the whole charity thing. I wouldn't say I was embarrassed, more flattered. I could pay for myself to go (read my blog post dammit!), but I really want a finished novel to take over.

Okay. Here's one idea: I'm working on some Crimespace t-shirts and buttons and magnets and such. Buy a bunch of them and take them to any one of the cons, stick em on people as they walk past, maybe offer them first aid afterwards. I've almost got the products ready, so I'll be announcing them soon.

Umm, oh, now I am embarrassed!

can you make a t shirt that says, GET DANIEL TO AMERICA?

just that on it. nothing else.
That's a risky maneuver. There are a lot of Daniels out there ...


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