Okay folks it's the weekend and any excuse will do for a bit of lighthearted discussion. Except this one involves a little 'fessing up, too...

I was talking to my hairdresser today about first crushes - his was on Victoria Principal. Mine was Julian, out of the Famous Five. He was usurped in fairly short order by Aragorn, son of Arathorn, via Corwin, Prince of Amber... then I moved onto real people. I still have characters I'm especially attached too, although these days, attachments are of the 'bet so and so would be fun to go for a pint with' variety. (John Rebus, Siobhan Clark, Jack Parlabane... sounds like the start of a party to me!)

So - what about you? Who've you had a crush on, who'd you go for a beer with?

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My very first crush was on Hamlet (specifically, Lawrence Olivier as). Francis Crawford of Lymond for sure. Sharon McCone's ex-brother-in-law Ricky Savage, the country music star. Miles Vorkosigan. I'd go out to dinner with Lord Peter Wimsey and let him order the wine. Um, are these the kind of confessions that they warn people not to put on the Internet because you never know who'll see them?
I'd go for a drink with Siobhan, but Rebus, he's a bit of a grump. I prefer my Rebus, who loved to be scratched behind the ears.

I'd go for a drink with Jack Taylor, for sure.

I secretly have a crush on Rigor Mortis. Very photogenic.
The ex-wife in Tim Cockey's Hitchcock Sewell series...Julia, if memory serves. I'd like to go for about six beers with her, then see what develops...fictionally, of course...and I'm thinking it ouwld definitely be active voice, long-form, etc.

Or I could just have a beer with Alex McKnight or Myron Bolitar. But no fancy stuff afterwards...
I have a crush on Paul Guyot.
Characters are too limited to hold my interest, but if they are TV or movie characters, I sometimes crush on the actors playing them. For instance, I like Erin Gray whether she's playing Wilma Deering on "Buck Rogers" or Kate Stratton on "Silver Spoons." I like Karen Allen whether she's playing Marion Ravenwood in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK or Jenny Hayden in STARMAN, and so on.
Oh, people! I was hoping for something truly dire to make me feel better - but I fear nothing is quite as bad as my Famous Five moment. Sheesh!

Sandra - I know what you mean about Rebus, but he's got a great flat to have a party in. And as we know, he's got the sounds sorted...

Would it help if I said I had a thing for Yoda?

If so, I'll go with it, although I prefer Mr. Ford in that movie. (And the Raiders movies, of course.) Who else? Have to think on that one...
Help a lot, it would. And Mr Ford is certainly a good choice...

Mind, if we're talking real people, an early crush of mine was John Cleese. (He's tall and he makes me laugh!) Gabriel Byrne, though... now there's someone nice. Mmm hmmm.
I would love to go for a cocktail with Nick Charles.(lose Nora- ditch the dog)

Failing that, I would love to join the crowd at the Jack and Hammer.
My first lit-crush was of course, Mr. Rochester. Followed by Heathcliffe, Darcy, the Scarlet Pimpernel and then Rhett Butler, these from about 13 on. Lately, Reacher, Richard Sharpe, Tony Hill and Benjamin January. There are many more, too. I am a literary wanton, I suppose.
Hey, I'm so relieved it's not just me, even though your choices were far more up-market! It seems to be mainly women who are lit-crushing (nice term), which is what I picked up from Ian, who got me started on all this. His wife has lit-crushes, he can't see past a pretty face. But he has to see that pretty face for real. No right or wrong, I just find it interesting.

Mind you, a mate of mine some years ago had an unhealthy attachment to Lara Croft. He spent hours playing Tomb Raider, just to see the wench run and jump. I wonder what that might tell us? (Other than that my mate needed to get out more...)


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