Yes, there are some great books written in first person pov. i accept that. but in my novel which is about a female private detective in the late 1940's, i want a dark, brooding, sexy novel--and I want to show conflict. a lot of it.
i've written it two ways. third person and first. I find it easier to show conflict in third person.
the problem is: i want to go with first person pov, because I think it's better for this particular story with this particular heroine. any suggestions?

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yes, thank you. I left out Chandler! big omission. i'm actually referring to crime fiction only. i am reading double indemnity--and it's told in retrospect. i'm trying to do that with my heroine--but not sure how. still feeling my way around. first novel and all that.
Most of the Michael Connelly Harry Bosch novels are in First Person.
yes, will read him. thank you for that.
ooh, thank you Joyce. i'll have to read Connelly.
yup. went online and am going to read him next week, hopefully.
One of them at least was in first. Harry sounded just like Michael Connelly.
okay thank you.
Sorry about that. I remember hearing Michael talk about that two weeks ago in Nashville. Hey experimented in the beginning but went w/ 3rd p. The Lincoln Lawyer is 1st p. He's working on the sequel for Lincoln Lawyer now. I believe it's his next book out. He's happy to be cheating the 1 book 1 year calendar. I'm happy that he is too.
no probs. thanks so much for your post.
just reserved him. looking forward to reading him.
John D. MacDonald's Travis Mcgee novels (highly recommended).

Robert B. Parker's Spenser novels.

James Patterson's Alex Cross novels (1st/3rd actually, which is an option you might want to explore)

Andrew Vacchs's Burke novels.

Those are a few off the top of my head. When you get down to it, though, every harboiled/noir detective novel ever published has a tremendous amount of conflict, regardless of POV. Otherwise, it wouldn't be hardboiled/noir, and it wouldn't be published.
Burke is my favorite character ever. Bosch and Robicheaux are the unholy trinity


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