There's A Great Link for Hardboiled Fiction on Megan Abbott's website, and many of the authors mentioned are on CRIMESPACE!

Have a look see all you READERS and WRITERS. I Just had a look at her website--to see what's going and I found a great link to hardboiled crime fiction--loads of authors, many highly recommended by posters in yesterday's discussion of WHAT I SHOULD READ... Just thought I'd share.

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Megan is a brilliant author, and she's a real sweetheart. In fact, She was kind enough to write the opening quote for one of the chapters in my new book. What an honor for me.
She is lovely, I agree, I just finished one of her books and happened to see she was on crimespace, I sent that request for friend thing to her and then saw all the friends she had, so I removed it. and wrote to her that I saw she had loads of friends and she didn't need anymore. and I meant it! you know what she did?! she requested she wanted ME to be a friend! woah! what a nice lady. yes, she's a brilliant author. say Lee, I'm so excited about that book I ordered, the one you wrote. can't wait! i'll tell you when it comes!xxx
absolutely! I think that's why I first noticed them. I want the same kind of jacket on my novel (when it's finished) it's like retro pulp. love it. just reading THIS DAME FOR HIRE by Sandra scoppetonne? somehting like that she's on crime spac.e I love it! love to buddy!


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