According to this Reuters story, Gone Baby Gone, the Ben Affleck-directed adaptation of Dennis Lehane's novel of the same name (minus the commas), will be among the "top crime movies of the decade."

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I'm going with Memento.

I love that movie.

But the decade's not out. I'm eagerly anticipating Shutter Island with Leonardo Dicapprio next year.

I know there's already been some back and forth about it, but I love that book and the ending. Think it was brilliant.
This decade has had a hell of a lot of good crime flicks.

Momento was good, History of Violence and Eastern Promises have made me a Cronenberg groopie but...

Brick was my fav of the decade. A small film that pays tribute to the classic hardboiled films of old.

The Lookout is also a great one.
History of violence, No Country for old men, Gone, baby gone, Maria full of grace, Traffic and Training Day are my personal faves.
I might get shot for saying this, but I propose "The Dark Knight." It has all the elements of a crime movie: a terrific antagonist, a brooding protagonist, lots at stake, etc. Yes, there are more thought-provoking, art house films out there. But "The Dark Knight," in all its commercialized glory, will still be talked about for years to come. And that makes it the best crime movie of the decade.
Ben, for the life of me, I can't tell one Batman movie from another.
Granted, some of them run together. The franchise has been rebooted about a million times. There was that terrible spat in the late 90s, with "Batman Forever" and "Batman & Robin." The latest incarnation is the best since the Tim Burton days ('89 and '92). Give "The Dark Knight" a shot. It is easily distinguished from the others because of its – for lack of a better term - supreme awesomeness. It's also a great crime movie, essential viewing for crime novelists.
Oldboy is my pick for crime movie of the decade. It's a revenge tragedy. Very intense.

Here's a trailer:
I have a favorite, and not many people saw it. It's the quietly haunting film from Italy called I Am Not Afraid. I have never been able to forget this story of the kidnapping of a small boy and the relationship that develops with another young boy who discovers his whereabouts. Amazing movie.
I've wanted to see that movie, but I can't find it at the movie rental. More than anything, it looks original. I haven't been treated to a bold, creative crime/horror movie in too long.
The cool thing about this is the loyalty dynamic. The intense bonding between the captive child and the free child and the free child's relationship with his father. And the notion of the penalty that comes with doing the only truly right thing. The child actors had never acted before and the performances coached out of these children is nothing short of amazing. I have only seen it once but this movie still haunts me after 3-4 years. It is incredible.

Try Netflix. You may be able to find it there.
I got burned by them - Netflix - on a "free" trial a while back. The more you talk about it, though, the more I'm willing to forgive. It sounds like a great film.
I would have to go with Eastern Promises. I've never seen an innocent sucked into the viper's nest so convincingly.


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