There has been a lot of press on the scroll version of Kerouac's On the Road. I read it years ago, and have two copies in my home library and I've ordered the scroll version. Has anyone beat me to reading it? I wonder if anyone from the younger generation has read it and what kind of impression it left. And any of you bold beatniks (like me) if you've reread it, let me know your thoughts.

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I haven't gotten to the scroll version yet, but I surely will. For those of us of a certain age, it is a seminal book.
I live right around the corner from Jack's grave (purely by chance). I think I've found a greater appreciation for his work as I've grown older, visited San Francisco, met other Beat fans. Had forgotten about the scroll version of the book being released - thanks for the reminder!
Nicholas, check out my Kerouac blog on my CrimeSpace page. I have a link to a friend who is an expert on the Beats and his blog, new, is going to go places now that the scroll is out.
Come on, Michael. You know that a beatnik is a caricature of what JK represented. He hated that term. I'm sure you meant to say "bold beats (like me)..."

Have you seen the movie Beat Angel? The filmmaker is coming to Columbus to our little Kafe Kerouac to do a showing. It's definitely B movie quality, but the message and spirit of Kerouac are spot on.
Terry, I haven't heard of that movie, but I will look for it on Netflicks. Columbus, O, I spent a great time there one week with a friend who worked for the trotting association and drank to much downtown at the voodoo lounge - long time ago! Also, can you believe this, had one of the best fish sandwiches ever in a small bar by the hotel we stayed in. Can't remember its name or location, but can't forget the sandwich!
Bar food is always the best. 'specially when you're drinking to much...


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