Hi all! I need to pick your brains - please? My latest crime novel, "A Dangerous Man", is being discussed at the local university's reading group at the end of April, and they've invited me along to introduce it, etc etc.

I must admit I've never done this before, so any tips or advice will be very gratefully received - many thanks!


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When I have attended talks by authors, I have found it interesting when they discuss any real life incidents that have inspired their books in anyway.
Aha! That's an idea - thanks, Laura. I shall have to talk about the city of Florence
and how it started me writing about sex, death and art, I see!


I assume the group has read the book? I've found when I speak to reading groups who've read my books, I don't really have to say anything. They've always got a lot of questions for me and the conversation just flows naturally from there.
Hey, Anne, congratulations and good luck with that. Let us all know how it goes, won't you.
Thanks, Karen & Julie! I'm not sure to be honest - some may and some may not. I
think I'm going to have to do some prep and also "play it by ear"!

And, yes, I'll let you know if I survive it, Julie!


Thanks, Carl - really interesting ideas - shall certainly mull on that!

I enjoy hearing a little about the background of the author, family,etc..
Then on to the soul of the book. Why? When? Where? Who? What?
I'm sure, if they've read the book, they will ask questions. I know I do, don't I Libbey? (Ohio Sis) The librarian should be able to help you. Good Luck!
Thanks, Joan - much appreciated!



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