What Kind of Food Would Go Best with Your Favorite Mystery?

Be specific and describe the dish and the book/author. And while you're at it, throw in a drink.

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Barry Eisler's RAIN FALL: I'd take the book up the road to a little place called Eat Me Sushi and have my fave meal there, the salmon salad. Although a good single malt scotch would be John Rain's first choice, I'd have to go with the canned green tea. It's cold, and that keeps me in the right frame of mind for a clean kill.

Peter Temple's BAD DEBTS: Jack Irish is the kind of guy that would eat a pub lunch of steak and chips and wash it down with a nice big cold one. Sounds good to me.
My first thought was any Dorothy Sayers with a very large gin and tonic, preferably served by a man wearing white gloves - but having just finished Tin Roof Blowdown, I started thinking...red beans, oysters and a hurricane? Nahhh...Carl Hiassen with a grilled swordfish sandwich and a nice cold beer. (That's like Colonel Mustard in the kitchen..isn't it?)
Food in mysteries - I get the most appalling cravings to eat what they are eating.

Andrea Camilleri's novels include a food tour through Montalbano's lunches which make me salivate - sardines / lightly grilled with a beautiful fresh salad.....

I recently read INSPECTOR IMANISHI INVESTIGATES and all I wanted was soba noodles and sashimi. And I'd join Daniel in that canned green tea - as long as it's not that sweetened stuff (ick ick ick)

Shane Maloney's Sucked In had be fondly craving another visit to Stefano's Mildura Grand Hotel and his magnificent osso bucco - in the middle of winter preferably. Red wine - merlot will do me with that.

Barbara Nadel's books have me craving Turkish food - any Turkish food will do me ta muchly - with an araq on the side.

Rebus leaves me with an overwhelming desire for beer and a scotch chaser - but I'll give the deep fried mars bars a miss thanks :)
Any Spillane - steak and a beer, Mike Hammer-style.


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