Can anyone think of examples where the expected crime does not take place and yet the story is still satisfying and you don't feel cheated? I've written myself into that situation. This is why I like short stories. You don't spend enough time with the protagonist to fall in love with him/her and want to save them from the original ending. Thanks.

P.S. I should add that the story takes place from the POV of the expected criminal.

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I think it could work well, as a less usual twist on a psychological thriller. The one book that springs to mind is SPOILER alert

Amercian Psycho - at least that's how I interpreted it, anyway! Racking my brains, as I am sure I have read other books with that sort of storyline but can't think of any...
Shame by Karin Alvtegen doesn't fall 100% in your definition as there's not an expected criminal as much as an assumption of criminality which may or may not be accurate on the part of the two main female characters.

The whole premise of the book is the title - the Shame that these two, initially totally unconnected women feel, about events in which they have been involved.

Are the events crimes... well definitely not in one case, possibly in the other case.

Fascinating book but it wouldn't be for everyone.


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