Well, I should have gone to the bar, I suppose, but I've had so many cups of coffee today I couldn't face another drink.

Just wanted to say hello to everyone (thanks Christa for giving me the heads-up on Crimespace, and gosh, you guys are so darned friendly and outgoing... are you sure you're writers? Aren't you supposed to be introverts or something? Maybe it's just all those drinks at the bar...)

Anyway, I'm off to try to figure out why my profile photo looks like it was taken underwater, but I wanted to say hello and thanks for the warm welcome. Looking forward to communing with similarly warped... er, creative minds.

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"you guys are so darned friendly and outgoing... are you sure you're writers? Aren't you supposed to be introverts or something?"

It's just an act, a psychological experiment. Next week, none of us will talk to anyone, just to keep you guessing.

(Seriously, welcome!)
Thanks for the welcome. And next week, I probably won't have internet access, so I won't even know!

hi, karen!
Hi, Karen!

I think you've got the right idea with this post...I want to say howdy to everybody, but there are so many new folks I can't keep up. Glad to see another creatively warped mind around here. And don't worry, we're not pods...
Hey, Karen.. if I knew how to reply to your hello, I would have. Instead, I'll just belly up to bar and say welcome. Yes.. I'll be at Malice... see you at the bar there? Thursday night? After dinner? And anyone else who wants to join us...
Hi, Anne!

And hi Angie... this is a hopping joint, isn't it? I do see some familiar faces, though... and am enjoying getting to know the others. Are you sure you're not pods? What are pods, btw?

And LIbby, drinks will be in order... but probably not until after Friday afternoon, when my plane lands. :) Looking forward to seeing you again!
Um..."Invasion of the Body Snatchers?" Where the nice, normal people turn out to be alien pod thingies?

Okay, okay. Obscure, bad joke ref. I'm kinda prone to that sorta thing...
Karen, I'm glad you made your way over here. I spend my days here because it is often the only adult conversation I get. You know what I mean! Welcome, and hope you enjoy yourself here.

As you well know, I SO know what you're talking about. Am thinking, btw, of escaping to Maine this summer; hope to see you. :)

Thanks for the welcome!
We might be pods. It's possible.

Hi Karen!
Speak for yourself, dude.
Hi Karen, nice to meet you! And at least you've got a photo up - I haven't got round to that yet. (Note to self...)

I like it here, too, I think Daniel's done a fantastic job. Just need to sort myself out and do more with my page!


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