Well, I should have gone to the bar, I suppose, but I've had so many cups of coffee today I couldn't face another drink.

Just wanted to say hello to everyone (thanks Christa for giving me the heads-up on Crimespace, and gosh, you guys are so darned friendly and outgoing... are you sure you're writers? Aren't you supposed to be introverts or something? Maybe it's just all those drinks at the bar...)

Anyway, I'm off to try to figure out why my profile photo looks like it was taken underwater, but I wanted to say hello and thanks for the warm welcome. Looking forward to communing with similarly warped... er, creative minds.

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Welcome! I'm feeling my way around here as well.

See, it's easy to be friendly and outgoing on the computer. You can think about what you say, edit your chat before you stick a foot in it, even copy someone else's joke and pass it off as your own. And you don't have to worry about someone yawning in your face (which is what I expect everyone's doing anyway).
Ah, writers....

And edit? What's that?

And I'm not yawning. Although I should be; have to get up early tomorrow...

Thanks for saying hi, Bill!
I agree -- he's done a great job. But I will be passing on the blog function. Speaking of blog, I should probably update mine.

And you don't look like a gray silhouette? Really? ;)

Great to meet you too, Julie!


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