Just wonderin'...most of the thriller writers I've thought of are male. Who are the fab femme thriller writers out there? Inquiring minds wanna know. Well, at least this one does!

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Without a doubt, in my mind, Gayle Lynds is one of the best and, I believe, one of the first to get a big thriller out there.
How's about M J Rose? I found the Halo Effect a rollicking read.
Being an Old Guy, I remember Helen MacInnes. Some really fine books. The Venetian Affair, Double Image, Above Suspicion. Check 'em out.
I'm getting up there in age, too, and I agree. As far as I know, I read everything Helen McInnes wrote, or at least did my best to read it all, but quite a while ago. Excellent books they were, indeed.
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Val McDermid and Tess Gerritsen are faves, but I also like Deborah LeBlanc even though most people consider her books to be more horror than thriller.
Ooh, LeBlanc sounds interesting. I'm always on the look out for cross-genre stuff (horror/crime, paranormal/crime, whatever-the-hell-they're-calling-it-now/crime). I'll have to check out her work.
I met PJ Parrish, at the Mystery Writers convention in Miami Beach in April. Didn't know them from Adam. I usually start from a writers' first works---if I'm curious.

I started reading 'A Thousand Bones'---the other night. I do believe it's a thriller. They are two sisters who write from different states, Florida & Mississippi. What do I know?


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