That if we people on here over a certain age don't answer or don't post, it is because we are stymied by the technlogocial requirements. I read Sandra's blog today where she wondered why some writers still have no Internet presence. Well, that is why. We are challenged by the need for even a small degree of technological expertise. Every time I get my blog posting to show up, I am grateful and amazed. I can' tell you how often I attmpt to respond to something and am thwarted by unknown factors. We are here and listening, not just always able to answer.

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It's OK Patti, my husband thinks he's lucky to have figured out the VCR in his classroom. And never lets me forget. :P

I think most of you know why I may not post regularly! (The smaller of the two reasons is on my lap as I type this, trying to add his two cents.)
Christa-and that's the greatest reason. Our grandson laughed for us yesterday. Was there ever a nicer sound?
I even find the technology frustrating sometimes...

But my grrring was more for published authors - in this case a guy with his sixth book coming out - not having a site. And he's with a major NY publisher.

Lucky for him, I'd had contact with his agent, so I was able to help the author who'd asked if I knew him. I happen to know God is technologically ungifted as well...
My 3-month-old thinks my typing is hilarious. He laughs all the time, and tries to help!

I hope I don't talk about my kids too much. You know, that annoying person in the corner who tries to talk about things that have nothing to do with the subject at hand. For me, writing and parenting are inextricably linked in many strange ways.
Since I am in grandbaby world, there is no such thing as too much talking about kids.
Technology's like driving. Doesn't matter how good a driver you are, it's the other drivers you have to worry about. They're the ones that cause accidents.

Ning is brand spanking new, so expect a certain amount of teething problems.
Teething? So you're giving us a way to rationalize the drool. Nice.
Yes, you can call me by my new superhero name: The PACIFIER.

Was that a deliberate reference to the Vin Diesel movie, Daniel? Or have you been doing a little too much babysitting your nephew?
Yeah, me and Vin, only our mothers can tell us apart.

But you've reminded me, I have to go visit the little guy sometime. Not that I'll ever get a chance to babysit, as my mum's now a grandmum and seems to have all kinds of baby-induced hormones raging.
This is a new phenomenon for me too. Who knew this was the one thing I always wanted?
Hello. Technodolt here. General notice to everybody. If I'm not answering, it's not because I don't like you, it's because I don't even know you posted.


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