Here in New York, there are still about three hours left of St. Patrick's Day, and by coincidence, several of my favorite writers are Irish: W.B. Yeats, James Joyce, William Trevor, Gregory Mcdonald, Jeremiah Healy, Robert B. Parker, Ken Bruen. How about the rest of you?

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Well, The Dawg is half Irish. Turns out that my mother's family farm in Ireland is real close to Ken Bruen's home.
And Samuel Beckett, right? Meanwhile, the revelers of St. Paddy's Day finally packed into their cars and wound down their party in my neighborhood (a Los Angeles beach town that is known
for its bars and brawling) at about 1:30 a.m. this morning. At the same hour, I, as a reformed reveler of Irish descent, could be found at the computer, pecking away at my new book.
So many of the "greats," are or at least claim to Irish blood. Therre is an author who's name escapes me and he did about four Inspector (something like Murtough) novels. He was a detective with the Garda, and the author's first name was John, I believe. He moved to Toronto, and after about the foruth or fifth novel in the series, just went underground in terms of doing anything more, or so it seems. I really like the series. One of the last ones had a suspect who was a tinger or traveler, and the sub-plot dealt a bit with how they are treated. These were very good Garda procedural mysteries.

Hope someone can help me out with a name for the series and author. My books went traveling, too.

Pat Harrington
Irish and Scottish, in my case. Must be that wonderful, lyrical, imaginative Celtic nature. Something in the air, perhaps... Or maybe the weather's so bad that the best option is to stay by the fireside and write!


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