That if we people on here over a certain age don't answer or don't post, it is because we are stymied by the technlogocial requirements. I read Sandra's blog today where she wondered why some writers still have no Internet presence. Well, that is why. We are challenged by the need for even a small degree of technological expertise. Every time I get my blog posting to show up, I am grateful and amazed. I can' tell you how often I attmpt to respond to something and am thwarted by unknown factors. We are here and listening, not just always able to answer.

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So there's two of us.
it does seem to be a bit glitchy, but it's still very cool. i tried to change my profile pic and it sent me off to some other land. i swear i wasn't trying to post any naked pics. which could be really, really scary.
Patti, you're one of those people who clap whenever they open the fridge and sees the light come one, aren't you? :)
God, are you standing behind me, Steve? Someday it's gonna go out and then what?
I find it is also a matter of time. It is a pretty precious commodity. I try to make time, like I know the frigging recipe or it’s a matter of proper rising time (again an illusion to food)…or perhaps it is like money… an attempt to save what is less controllable or malleable than smoke. It slips through my fingers, thoughts, and my attention as quickly as quicksilver on sloping glass…lol… alliterations aside, it is all true. Time moves and moves me, or kicks me along, and my best intentions about writing, blogging, or checking on the next activity that takes me away from the requirements, simply slips by.
The only way I solved these issues was to get my husband to cook. That hour between six and seven turns out to be heaven.


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