Can anyone out there give me the details of what an autosy would say in re to a sabbing victim around forty years ago. I know it would be totally different than one that would take place today.

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HI. The answer is yes and no regarding the differences. What is different today is the possibility of some forensic examinations that might take place... however; possibilities are not necessarily the same thing as "will be done". Best book in the world on autopsy issues is Sptiz and Fisher's Medicolegal Investigation of Death there is a new 4th edition so a 3rd edition cheaper might be available. The Sptiz and Fisher book Chapter 11 is Sharp Force Injuries with a discussion and explanation of how injuries are made, difference between sharp and blunt force, lots of B&W pics to help, detecting suicide vs. homicide and other very usefully stuff. I used to teach from the text… a need to have on a cop’s shelf.
Go to this www address….
What you will find in a standard internal and external examination of the body recounting appearance, features, and wounds. No fancy stuff … not even any x-rays (probably should have been done)… pretty standard fare… note the example is about wounds caused by “sharp force instrument (like knives)… hope it helps.
Thanks, Bridget
Charlotte Williamson
yes both very nice texts ... should be on every library shelf
Janet, I appreciate your help on the autopsy discussion. I HAVE to get those books. Now I can quit threatening the Virginia State Medical Examiner's Office. They won't let go of the autosy without the next of kin's permission, so I have to make up my own autopsy.
thanks to Bridge H and Janet Mcclellan for the info on autopsies that I asked about. This is Great!


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