Anyone a short story writer? EQMM published my story in its March/April issue and I was just a guest blogger on Criminal Brief. My opinion in the blog from last Saturday is on my crimespace page, so if you get a chance give it a read and then give me your opinion. Some say the art of the short story is dead; I think it's making its way back. Look at all the noir collections, as only one example. Let me hear from you and thanks.

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To m,e writing books is like running a half-marathon, while writing a short story is lifting weights. Different muscles and disciplines, both important to well-being. LAS
I love writing short stories. I love the luxury of having time to polish every word. I love leaving those people behind after a bit and finding a new group to hang out with. I love being open to a whole new idea every few weeks too. I just wrote a novel, and I did learn a lot from the experience, but I am happy to be able to pursue those story ideas I've been squashing for six months. Hope they return.
I have published stories. Singly. Got an award, too. What seems impossible to do is to publish a collection. Even when fans ask for it. So maybe the short story is dead. Not enough people like them enough to offer that kind of support.
Angela, thanks for the info. I agree there are a lot collections out there, especially by groups like MWA, as you pointed out. What I wonder is, as publishers report no profits (that's what there in business for, sadly for us writers) and I wonder how much the small sales is because the public is not aware of the availability of the noir series and collections. Seems like they are being published mostly for writers to read. Some kind of advertising blitz might help. Even the kids today don't want to read books (Harry Potter aside) but through school maybe interested in short stories, so they can then get to their computer games. I believe a whole side of the reading public is being ignored that would be interested in short stories, if they knew they were out there. Big names, as you point out, do help, but advertising would certainly be a benefit.
Hah! I've always said those author tours do nothing but entertain the bookstore's customers -- if they bother.
Angela & I.J., I think the number of online magazines with short stories is a good sign, tho they still basically appeal to writers, or want to be writers. But if the publishers keep tabs on the internet, and I think they do, maybe there is hope. I am not bridge player, sorry. I am told by writer friends that if they sell 10 books at signings it's a lot! More often, I'm told, no one busy a book and few show up. I am preparing myself for my Florida/S.Cal tour next summer!
Well, some authors enjoy touring. I hate it and won't do any more of it. So, try to have a good time and don't worry about how many books you sell.
Not in my town.
As you may guess, I've had several unpleasant experiences. These shocked me greatly because I had also developed a longstanding appreciation of libraries and librarians and came bearing gifts (2 brand new hard cover editions of my first 2 books). And I have had other disappointments, for example when I suggested that the library might do something about local authors. I do hope that mine is an uncommon experience.
Margot, God bless you and all other library workers! Isn't this the week to celebrate "ban the book", if not celebrate to discuss the foolish, but dangerous history of banning books in the USA? The library is, in my opinion, the fortress of freedom.


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