On Tuesday afternoon, the air-conditioning at work spent a good couple of hours feeding me with bacteria that came from all the other people in our wee little office. Upon arriving at home, the colonies took the whole evening to build new civilisations within me, thus incapacitating me for work yesterday.

I'm back at work, still feeling rat-shit (can I get away with a four letter word here?), but it's interesting to me how I found ways to occupy my time yesterday.

Most of it was moaning on the couch, very similar to Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally, but I actually powered through an Orson Scott Card novella and started another John Connolly. I attempted non-fiction (RAZOR, an account of the razor gangs in 1920s Sydney), but I found I had to keep re-reading sentences for them to sink in.

When I'm sick or hung-over (yes, that happens on a rare occasion), I find it impossible to write, difficult to read or play computer games, but generally it's pretty easy to watch some kind of light movie (I ended up whiling away my evening with Ring Zero, which while not light entertainment, did have a relaxing pace).

So what do y'all do when you're laid up in bed for all the wrong reasons?

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Sorry to hear you're miserable - there's an absolute sod of a lurgi going around - nearly everyone in our group at MWF ended up as sick as the proverbial after the festival finished.

Me - I Pile up the books, encourage the dog's to cuddle up so I can use them as book rests, insist on a flask of green tea and an emergency bottle of rum (medicinal purposes), open up the blinds so I can watch the native birds fooling around on the deck outside the bedroom and basically do a lying in state impersonation. With bell in case I require attention. (Bell doesn't work - himself seems to be capable of immense deafness when I'm poorly). Feel sorry for myself - whinge a lot (which probably explains the no-go zone that himself sets up LOL)
Well, I'm mostly back to normal now, and I'm glad I can blame it on the Melbournites. I think we should install biofilters in all arrival lounges at the domestic terminal. :)
No such luck mate - it all started with 'er from Newcastle!
Ah ha! So we need to get them at the border then.
I recommend hot toddies. Heavy on the whiskey, light on the hot water. Maybe wave a lemon over the top of it. I hear that's supposed to do something healthy. It might not help, but you'll be too drunk to care.
I've found that waving a a vodka over the whiskey helps too.
I read short articles and look at pictures. Magazines of any sort may work, depending on my mood and the degree of illness, and I buy used art books to keep around. Movies are good and some TV programs. Educational programs sometimes provide enough information to be interesting without needing to be followed closely. Nothing should be followed closely and it is no time to work on anything that matters.

Hope you are feeling better.
Daniel, I know you're not making this up. That is, I believe that this is not all fabrication. However, this posting contains a line that should go down with, "The dog ate my homework" in the classic excuse file. Mind if I steal/post/archive it?

"Upon arriving at home, the colonies took the whole evening to build new civilisations within me, thus incapacitating me for work yesterday."

Seriously, what boss/teacher/mom could resist *that* one?

I hope you feel better soon!
Go for it Linda, but just remember that the colonies might need a little backstory. Preferably in the form of flashbacks.
Jay-zus, Daniel: let's hope that those of us in the colonies don't require an explanation of colonies. My head hurts just thinking about it. (Because we're assuming that they -- you know -- *read*, right?)
I was trying to be surreal, but it just didn't work. Please excuse my colonised brain.
Very sorry you were sick, but apparently you're better, and I'm laughing about that post on the perfect excuse for not returning for a day to a workplace that made you sick.

As for using it as an excuse for not writing: I must be sick a lot more than I realize.


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