Chicago Blues, a stunning collection of 21 crime fiction stories all by Chicago authors, will launch at -- where else -- Legends, Buddy Guy's Blues Club, Friday, October 12, 5-8 pm. Many of the authors will be on hand. We'll have food, music, books, and lots of talk. If you're in the Chicago area.. come on down to 8th and Wabash. More info on the anthology, including contributors and reviews at or
See you there...

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I'm only in St. Louis- so near and yet a world away. I go to Buddy Guy's club every time I am in Chicago, and first saw him in about 1983 or 4 in Cambridge MA. I've shifted a bit more towards jazz in recent years, but spent about 15 years with Nothin' but the Blues. I take it you've read "Steel Guitar" by Linda Barnes (Boston, not Chicago, but a good book)? Best of luck with the launch! Jim
Damn, that's a great idea for a launch venue. I'm very jealous of those that will be able to attend.
Sorry you wont be able to come, Daniel. I'll make a toast to you in absentia.
I'm a regular reader and commenter on The Outfit blog, so I know this is going to be an excellent collection, and a great party. Living in Maryland will prevent my attendance, but be there in spirit, and I'll add Chicago Blues to my amazon wish list.
Excellent! Maybe I can send you a full body photo you can turn into a cardboard cutout. I could be the bouncer for the evening. Or maybe not.

Anyway, have a ball!


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