Is anybody going to this on November 6th? I'd like to meet any crime writers who'll be there.

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Well hey, Patricia! I had no idea that the Patrica Abbott who registered was THAT Patricia Abbott! I'll look forward to meeting you!
Yep, it's me. I finally got the novel finished and need to take the next step. Nice to meet you too.
Now this is funny - to me, the Internet always seems like such an incredibly big place, but sometimes, it's very, very small. I have your address from your seminar registration form, of course, and guess what? I grew up just a few miles from you.

I checked out your profile here at crimespace - man, with such a strong short story background, I'll bet your novel's wonderful. Good luck with it!
And strangely enough the day I addressed the envelope, we had just been to Romeo and I thought I wonder if that's the Washington Karen's from.
Curiouser and curiouser! :)


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