My books have been released at the end of each year, Oct, Nov, and Dec. By Jan., most readers will come to think that book is one year old and it's not. Therefore, I'm looking to get the release dates pushed back to the beginning of the year for various reasons.

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I don't see where that makes much difference. Late releases may have a harder time getting into the awards readers' hands, but otherwise the date is immaterial. Late releases could be handy for holiday giving.
I agree with IJ - that releases late in the year are good, as it's so close to the Xmas present season! In England a lot of the popular crime fiction seem to be released between September and Novermber.
I'd much rather have my books released in late fall and plan signings around the holiday season. Many readers have mentioned that they want the book signed for holiday gift-giving. The next book in The Black Widow Agency series, SPUN TALES, will have a July, 2008 release date. I'm hopeful to catch summer readers, but it will be interesting to see how a summer release stacks against a fall release.


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