I'm so uncomfortable with the Crimespace logo - that gun pointing at me all the time really does give me the willies. While it's a very good logo, maybe it's just that I'm from DonwUnder and we don't have much of a gun culture, but honestly, I wish there was a way to "hide" the logo.

Is it just me?

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So do you think it's a good thing we're becoming blaze about it which means it's easier for us to continue surviving in our world. Or... should be become aware that this is not ok and we need to find some ways to scale violence down? Undoubtedly, an impossible question to answer.

I don't want to say that our world is so much more violent because I think it's always been like that but, now we're more informed about it.
Hi Rose, I don't notice the gun pointing at me either. What do you watch on TV and how do you react to it? After reading your comment I asked myself if I'd rather be shot or slashed. Yikes! No good answer to that question. I find that watching TV I'm able to handle seeing someone get shot, but I have to hide my eyes when a knife is involved. I can't even stand to watch someone chop carrots. So... as you've probably guessed, I don't watch too many cooking shows.
:-) ~jess
ROFL Jess. On TV the gun often isn't pointed directly at my eyes, you see? So I don't mind seeing CSI or Law and Order, etc - love the shows. Yeah, getting slashed is not good but maybe you can run away whereas a shot can get you at a greater distance.

All that I'm referring to is that the logo as the actual barrell of the gun pointed at me and it seems to always be in my eye. It's scary as heck.
I don't know, we don't have much of a gun culture in the UK and I'm fine with the logo. Maybe it's because I'm a bloke (or maybe it's because I'm that kind of bloke), but it doesn't bother me. I mean, what screams crime more than a revolver shoved menacingly in your moosh... other than some little old dear being crow-barred by a group of toasted scallies looking for some easy loot to cover their next score? See, there you go, it could be much worse. I bet the shooter doesn't seem half so bad now, eh?
I'm not keen on it, doesn't bother me when looking at the site, but it has put me off buying any associated merchandise.
hmm. interesting. i wonder how many people feel that way.

i've always liked the logo.

i have a tank top with a small crimespace logo. i actually bought it before daniel decided to make the logo larger. i also have a t-shirt with the big logo, and i have to admit i like the smaller logo better. of course, if you're wearing the shirt the barrel is pointing at everybody else. heh!
Exactly Anne. If it's pointed at others, that's fine with me... just not at my right eye! LOL.
Lord, Rosie! And I was thinking of getting a T-Shirt. Seriously!
Forgot...on the machete VS gun debate. There's something about the thought of a red-eyed maniac rushing at me with a machete between her teeth that would, quite honestly, make me wet my drawers. A gun would seem almost tame, and a lot less messy to boot. The intimacy of the sharp blade makes me shudder

Then again, a gun is so impersonal. Like it makes the whole killing thing too easy.

I'm for poison. You can nicely and neatly add it to a fella's drink or his mom's lasagna and sit back and watch. Efficient, neat and if done right, you can get away with it! Oops-am I sharing too much?
Hmm... some taste like garlic, I'm told, so I figure in the lasagne? LOL Deb, you dag! Funny, there was something on the news here yesterday talking about the Melbourne knife culture that seems to have developed (nice way of saying gangs of Asian youths with machetes). Horrible stuff, no matter how you look at it. I guess the argument is that if someone is attacking with a knife some people may have a chance to escape whereas a gun is so much faster and yes, efficient. Hmm... how about an overdose of drugs? It's a possibility. :) ;)
Weeel, as Anne said above, on a t-shirt the "eye" of the barrel is pointed at others and that's probably fine with me... Ha-ha.


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