With Stark's Parker novels as a given, any other recommendations for crackerjack heist novels, past or present?

Currently rereading The Wheelman by Swierczynski.

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Drive by James Sallis
Give Marcus Sakey's debut novel, The Blade Itself, a read. A really great book that lived-up to all the hype. You might also try The Prince of Thieves by Chuck Hogan.
Thanks for these suggestions. I have been curious about THE BLADE ITSELF so all three of these will go on my list.
Apart from those already mentioned there's Stark's alter ego Westlake's THE HOT ROCK or THE BANK JOB, Lionel White's CLEAN BREAK (which became the film The Killing), W R Burnett's ASPHALT JUNGLE, John Godey's THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123. And there's a heist in the wonderful TWO-WAY SPLIT by Al Guthrie. Jim Thompson's THE GETAWAY of course. I love heist and caper books and movies. My current WIP is a caper.
Donna, I've read a lot of the above, but not THE HOT ROCK and THE BANK JOB, so those will go on my list. Besides your own WIP, can you think of any other heist novels penned by women?

I really like Jason Starr's definition of heist vs caper stories - that a heist novel is more noirish and gives you the feeling that everything will inevitably go to hell in a handbasket but a caper novel is a little more upbeat and there's a feeling that the participants might actually pull it off. Does that fit your new book? Given your signature sense of humor, I can't wait to read it.
Well, it may never see the light of day! But, yes, Jason's definition fits. My favourite caper is Westlake's THE HOT ROCK where basically anything that can go wrong, does, and in ever more outrageous ways, and I guess that's the idea I've sort of modelled mine on. Only not as good as Westlake, obviously. I've just thought of another couple - Joe Gores 32 CADILLACS and Russell James' PICK ANY TITLE (both capers rather than heists). I can't think of any female authors, sadly - sorry!
Let's hope it does see the light of day, especially since we clearly need more women writing it this sub-genre. I'll be first in line for a copy.
Gerald A. Browne's 'Stone 588' & 19 Purchase Street. Awesome thrillers.
Oh, man does that take me back. I loved those books. I was trying to remember the name of the author (and some of the titles) just the other day. 19 PURCHASE STREET was about the mob money-laundering house, right?

I remember them being more powerful than the mob. World connections.

18 mm Blues & 11 Harrowhouse are a couple of others, Harry. I think he's still alive
but must be pushing 80.
Great suggestions. Thanks!


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