Besides you and your friends, that is.

I just noticed that the ads along the side of my page (if I click the "How others see it") are all about music: Study Blues Guitar, EZ Play Acoustic Guitars, Quit Sucking at Guitar (my personal favorite), Blues Ringtones (If you had a blues ringtone that would pretty much cancel out any blues cred you might possess, wouldn't it?), and Guitar Lesson Scams (I have to check that out).

So what's on your page?

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I've got:
Mystery Writing Class
Sci-Fi Mystery
Aust. Travel
24 - The Official website - (why? I don't watch the show and haven't mentioned it in my profile)
Book Reviews online.
And some dodgy lookin dude in very dark shades who may or may not be a hitman. Oh wait, that's out beloved founder, Daniel. And here's me thinkin he could give me a discount price to knock off my boss.
Where else can you get a degree in Naked Volleyball? See how useful these ads really
are? Obviously, the guy inside my computer has heard me play guitar before.
One of my ads reads, "Quit Sucking At Guitar." Now that's an advertsining gem. Big bucks went into that one.
Yeah, they change-I initially had singles ads, and I think I had the gonorrhea pictures one too. I guess Google is an equal opportunity advertiser.


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