Remember this thread? Here's what I've come up with.

Welcome to Pewee Valley, Tennessee, population 642. Three retired carnival workers--a clown, a fortuneteller, and a magician--friends since childhood, are celebrating Thanksgiving at different locations when a sinister presence buried long ago deceptively claws its way to their conscious minds. It seems the men have been anointed from the fountain of youth, but their newfound vigor comes with a hefty price tag: human lives. Relentlessly prodded by the insatiable entities that have taken up residence in their brains, they will stop at nothing to get “the fuel.”

Derek Wall, the lone constable on patrol, just wants to finish his shift and drink himself to sleep in front of the TV. He looks forward to a call from his daughter, but otherwise the holiday means nothing to him. Responding to a 9-1-1 for a domestic dispute, he walks into a double murder scene and then is kidnapped by the suspect--a young woman named Jo who is determined to prove that her octogenarian grandfather was responsible for the carnage.

Isolated by last night’s ice storm and a twenty-car pileup on the interstate leading to town, Derek and Jo team-up to track the rogue grandpa. As the body count rises, though, it becomes apparent that there is more than one killer and that an unseen force is controlling them.

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The fun part about doing paranormal-esque stuff from a writer's perspective is that you get to make up your own rules. Water kills the wicked witch! The common cold virus kills the Martians (who are technologically advanced enough to get here and destroy half the planet, but not to invent Tamiflu--but whatever)! Turns out left-handed three-nippled redheads with gaps between their front teeth are immune from the turkey prion (by coincidence, our hero happens to fit the bill)! Throw in the usual tropes and you're off and running. I could do it under a pseudonym, but I'm not sure I could look at myself in the mirror in the morning--it's no treat as it is.
Well, you have to get into the spirit of it, so to speak. ;)
Like the concept, don't like the name of the town.
I might end up changing it, Doug. I'm not crazy about it either.
Will be fun to see how you develop it.
There actually is a Pewee Valley in Kentucky.
Wow. I love it.


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