Something unique is happening over at Trestle Press.  A robust, innovative little e-book publisher bristling with ideas on how to get its authors out into the market, the powers-that-be over there came up a really unique idea.  Allow writers to create a character--and like the old Saturday afternoon movie series of the 30's and 40's--build an on-going series with new installments added continuously.


I'm one of those writers.  My 'Smitty' series is now 15 short-stories and two novellas long.  And counting.  Smitty is a hit man.  But maybe . . .  maybe more like a Puritanical Grim Reaper come to earth to administer harsh judgement on those deserving harsh judgement.  He certainly isn't the typical sociopath you usually find in such a character.


My schtick is to package either three short stories, or two short stories and a novella into one installment.  And they're cheap!  They go for either $.99 or $1.99.  But the heady thing about this is obvious;  I've created a character a number of people seem to enjoy following.  And I have a venue expressly designed to further along the character and build an even bigger audience.


An old idea that has become a new idea.  One that I am happy to participate in.

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Excellent!  Much good luck!
Thanks, I.J.   Always good to hear from you.

Well, I admire the idea of sequencing the stories.  The concept of releasing stories on Kindle at al. has been promoted by Joe Konrath.  You are both absolutely right.  The old system of submitting to a print publication is time consuming and gives you only a brief life span for your work.  Putting it out electronically extends its life forever.  Sales tend to be slower than for novels, but think: "forever!"  And the alternative is the story remains unread in your files.


Having said this, I have to admit that I've had a story with AHMM for more than 2 months now.  Even if it's accepted, I'll have several more months before it will appear in print.  But I like the story and keep hoping for an award somewhere along the line.  Foolish, I know.

Not foolish at all, I.J.
I think trying a combination of traditional and indie pub is the way to go. As you say, if you get published with AHMM or EQMM you become award eligible (for now--this too will change in time), but I think, more importantly your work will reach a different, wider audience, one that might not find you otherwise. Sort of like free advertising you get paid for, plus with short stories the rights revert back to you usualky after a year or so, so you can put it up yourself afterwards.
And of course if they don't buy it, sell it youself then. A win-win all around, if you ask me.
Good luck with it
David DeLee - a Grace deHaviland novel
Thanks, David.  Yes, for the time being, I'm trying to play both games.  We'll see how all of this works itself out.  A whole year?  When the magazine goes off the shelves after 2 months?  Arrgh!
I've had a story with AHMM for more than 3 months now.

I've just started a series with Trestle Press, the first story just came out (Pale Horse) and I already have fans clamoring for more.


I'm thrilled with the chance to do a set of stories.


Very good luck!  Is this a short story or a novel???
Solomon wrote, "There is nothing new under the sun ..." however, there is a lot of new, exciting packaging going on. Best of luck on your venture.
Thanks, Mark.  Appreciate it.
TP is the future. That's all I have to say.


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