In a timely manner, Dean Wesley Smith (and The Passive Voice) just posted this:


Take note of the statement that reads:  "Authors do not promote; Publishers promote".

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Can't take the dude seriously when he says things like ebooks will never be more than 30% of the market.

Yes, it would be nice if "the market" was subdivided at least a little. Novels, non-fiction, poetry, what?

I thought this was interesting:

"There is really a new class of authors, and Margaret Atwood is one of them, that has figured out that in the digital age, authors can help themselves,"

It's from this article:



Social media sucks up time in a horrible way, but the worst of it is that you have to be famous already to get the sort of following that will make a difference.


On the other hand,I approve of publishers kicking back a bit more to the author for every sale.

DWS is a publisher.  :)  The new breed, I guess.  But I agree, he's wrong about that.

Interesting about the different pen names. I've often wondered if this was worth pursuing, since I have a crime humor side and a crime thriller side. I could wrap it all under the same publishing name.

Bookmarks are hit or miss. They work very well with in-person conversations. People ask about the book, you give them the bookmark. It's like a business card. They go online and buy the book. Randomly sending them to people is another thing. That's a waste of a stamp.

A big mystery bookstore told me, "If I have a supply of your bookmarks, I can stick one in every Janet Evanovich novel that goes out the door." I had them printed and sent them thousands. :) Obviously, someone has to like your book for this to happen. But promotion can accomplish that sometimes. Hit and miss for sure.

Now that's a stroke of luck and genius. But it wasn't like you went to the bookstore and said, "Hey, I have these bookmarks. Put them in bestsellers." It was part of a working relationship you had with this person, right?

That's what counts in business. You've got to have the goods in the first place, but it takes a relationship to get anywhere.

I think that's very true.  And in my time I've had some breaks from a few of the independent bookstore owners who liked my books, but they weren't anywhere near me, and they didn't offer to put bookmarks in Evanovich's books.  Actually, they'd have to find a bestseller that has something in common with my book, and there have never been any.

I think Dean offers a lot of useful info especially if you're involved in Indie publishing.  I don't agree with everything he says though.

In fact, one of his rules I have violated recently.  The one about never mentioning Religion or Politics in public except in your writing.  I was a bartender for decades & that is a golden rule in that job too.  But being a writer is not the same as being a bartender.  Religion, I'm fine with not speaking of, but politics, with the situation we and our families find ourselves in...well.  I'd like to say more but because I'm not sure of the the rules governing those subjects on this site (which I like a lot) I won't.

Not sure about the rules either, but I think by tacit agreement we've stayed on subject pretty much.

Well, except for Loomis... ;)

It's probably worth keeping in mind that this site is intnational and the constributors aren't just American.

Loomis is a beacon of light.


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