In a timely manner, Dean Wesley Smith (and The Passive Voice) just posted this:


Take note of the statement that reads:  "Authors do not promote; Publishers promote".

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What?  You aren't following all the debates in Canada?  Never mind.  I get the feeling that most Americans don't really think the rest of the world exists (except when it needs guidance or correction).

Until we hear the words, "manifest destiny" - then we start paying attention... ;)


If you play it right, there's plenty of value in talking politics, mostly because it can't be separated from current events.

My next novel is set in the North Dakota oil boom, so I've been blogging a bit about fracking (one of DWS's suggestions). I just threw a question out on Facebook about it, simply "What do you think about fracking and the oil boom in North Dakota?" and linked to a video explaining the process.

This being an election year, energy development is hot-button. But I didn't take a stand with my own opinions. I let people talk about it. It wound up bringing in a lot of exposure and discussion, plus some anecdotes from potential readers.

I was speaking about a complaint I made to a writers conference about a panelist who I (and I think many others) objected to.  I refused to attend because of his official participation.

I'll say more if anyone wishes.

Interesting post. I recently read another blog post which stated authors must promote constantly. I don't agree with Wesley Smith's "publishers promote", unless it's one of the bigger publishing houses, but I do agree with less promotion and more writing. A backlist of books is one of the most effective ways to move forward as an author.


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