Well, it's taken a year and some agitating on my part, but the story I got so upset over last year has finally made it into print.  "The Confession" is in the November issue of AHMM, complete with illustration, and in the news stands now.  I'm hugely relieved, because I cared quite a lot about this story.


I don't write stories very often and spend an unconscionable anmount of time on them.  It grieves me to think that even more time is spent in waiting for news.  This fact isn't very encouraging for my short story writing.  For writers who can dash off a story double-quick and have any number ready to go, it may not matter so much.


In this case, however, I was also invited to write a blog for "Trace Evidence", the AHMM blog site.  It is new, contains a number of fascinating posts by the editor and a running blog selection from different authors about how their stories came about. (http://trace-evidence.net/)

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This a great accomplishment.  Congrats.   Always good to see one of our number succeed.

Thanks, Brian.

IJ, I'm at Barnes and Noble right now. The issue is on stands until Oct 2. Will make a post soon to prove it.

That's interesting news.  Should mean that after Oct. 2, I can self-publish it.  :)  Thanks, Benjamin.

An update:  Heard from the editor.  The blog will still go up.  They've decided to feature more than one author per issue.  Not sure what the date will be. 




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