Advertising on Facebook, Goodreads, and Kindle Board?

Just launched my first published novel, REVENGE: A Travis Mays Novel. Looking for inexpensive ways to get the world out. Other authors mentioned purchasing Facebook, Goodreads, and Kindle Board ads (basically click and post stuff) as a mean to connect with readers. Has anyone had experience using these venues? Other avenues to pursue?

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LOL... Yeah, I don't understand how Goodreads works either. As in, I don't know how to use it effectively to get noticed. I think if you've already built up some sort of reputation/fan base then your readers friend you. But then how to contact them in mass to let them know you have new material out I'm still lost myself; unless you email each person one at a time. Have no idea. If anyone does, I'd sure like to know more.





As mentioned earlier in the conversation, a e-mail newsletter is a GREAT way to go.  For my business, I use Mail Chimp (, which allows you to store up to 2,000 subscribers and send 12,000 emails a month for free. If you exceed those numbers, their paid plans are quite affordable.  Ben on here has also indicated he uses mail chimp.


Additionally, you can link your newsletter through your social media - here, twitter, facebook, etc., for added exposure.


The newsletter doesn't have to be fancy or often. Even once a month to let readers know what you are doing, where your books are available, provide links to reviews, interviews, stories in local papers, etc., and even to offer a free story on occasion, is vital, and frankly very affordable.


To make your newsletter read, it has to be interesting and offer something of value to the reader. Again, the free stories are a great tool here.


You HAVE to collect e-mail addresses. They are worth their weight in gold, literally. Build a good list and it will absolutely pay off.


That is how you contact them in mass.


And here ends my free marketing advice for the day. :-)

This i understand. But what i was confused about was how to maximize Goodreads to its fullest potential.


Thanks for the tip anyway about mailchimp.

I'm working on a MailChimp newsletter for next week, as a matter of fact.


Another nice thing about it is it gives you custom sign-ups. I've now got a sign-up that sits in the top right of each of the pages of my website. You put your e-mail in the box, click "Subscribe" and you're in my list. Then you don't have to do a thing but count your money (in your head).


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