Getting ready to launch my next Mike Gage Thriller. I'm considering various e-book advertising options. What's worked for you? 

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Simplest and cheapest way to make a trailer is to use Powerpoint. I purchase use rights for artwork from and/or use public domain images, and Powerpoints animation features to create the visuals. For my novel The Killing Depths, I used a public domain sound effect. Then I used Powerpoint's save-as feature to export it as video. You can watch it here:

Well..  I don't have or use Powerpoint. But it does have a bit of a learning curve, unless you already know it.

But Windows Movie Maker comes free on Windows and is REALLY, REALLY easy to use. 

Aside from all that... it's hard to consider a trailer as an advertising vehicle.  It's more of an enhancement or "excuse" for ad/promo.

I'm producing a public access cable show about my books, published and forthcoming. One of my journalism colleagues is interviewing me (she is much prettier than I am, but that's a risk I suppose I have to take), and I'll answer general questions to avoid the appearance of blatant commercialism.

I have since learned there is an organization called PEGmedia, a nationwide distributor of such content. Costs are necessarily low, and the potential audience for the program rises to millions.

Has anyone here tried that route? With what results?

Wow, that's ambitious.   Why buy media ads when you can be your own medium?

Good luck


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