All Are Welcomed To Join In Our Reading Discussion.

Though pick is on cozy side, Ms. Wolzien usually puts out a good mystery so the read and discuss should be engaging.   

Besides being entertained, writers might pick up some tips on what does and doesn't work for readers.  Pose questions, get answers. 

Anyway, see Snoops, Pghfan, MC's 'Tis the Season To Be Murdered book discussion posts at week's end if interested.  Don't let the title fool you.  Story takes place after winter holidays.

Have a good week.

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Thank you, Tina.  I knew I could post, but I never read cozies. I imagine there aren't any cozy readers on this site, though I may be wrong about that.  Anyway, that would account for the fact that we haven't joined in your discussion.

Okay, we understand.  Thanks for the reply, I.J.


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