Amazon is getting to be the more consummate player in the publishing world

This is interesting.  Amazon, the publisher powerhouse of ebooks,  now becoming a bigger power house in the world of traditional printing.  Hmmm . . . .

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I like it.  I've just been muttering that my historical trilogy (which is going to Encore) will take a year in lead-in time. I'd had the idea that Amazon with it's electronic base would do things much faster.  But if this means that the books get a better chance, I'll take it.
Yes indeed . . . follow the money.
Thank you, but I don't deserve it.  Anything but.  Alas.

I don't understand why they downplay CreateSpace. It's a helluva great idea. No money down to get a book in print, they just take a cut from the sale. Online retail and fulfillment are all built in through the Amazon storefront. Makes any other self-pub model obsolete.

Are you saying Createspace does not charge a fee? I was under the impression they charge quite a lot.
Robert--I'm not too clear about Createspace and fees.  I believed Createspace was basically free. but whatever was sold, Amazon cut out a percentage.

Createspace is basically print on demand. So you get a set price based per book based upon how many are ordered, your price point, and book size. Amazon then keeps the rest, part is their fee, part is the print costs.


Print on demand will become more popular in the near future, especially in book stores. I've seen some figures that suggest they can have books printed pretty competitively. The only problem is that transport kills it for a store, so stores would have to do their own prints.

Amazon taking foreign writers. What does this mean for US writers? Will it help us or hurt us?




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