We've had quite a few spirited discussions lately regarding technology and its impact on the publishing industry. An article appearing in the New York Times today indicates that owners of an iPod or iPhone Touch can now download free software that will provide access to the 240,000 e-books on Amazon. Along with its Kindle, Amazon certainly looks like it's attempting to corner and expand its e-book market. Click on the following link to read the whole article.


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Yes, I saw this elsewhere. So far, there seems nothing wrong with that. It's simply another device like Kindle. But it's very clear that electronic books are becoming far more viable, and with that come abuses. My own concern now is that most electronic rights are with the print publishers and out of authors' hands.
Electronic abuses are certainly a concern, I.J. I worry that authors may experience what happened to artists in the music industry when many of their songs were illegally downloaded and they lost significant revenue.
That's also my big concern. Funny how the same people who would never consider lifting a book out of a store and running out the door with it, don't have a problem with stealing the material if it is easier to do electronically. I believe you reap what you sow. If someone wants a person to honor their copyright, they should honor others. I wonder if part of the problem is educating people to the fact that it really is theft. At least, it would make honorable people think twice.
I was almost excited about this until I found out that the iPhone app is only available in the U.S.
I didn't know that the iPhone app is only available in the U.S., Daniel. Hopefully, that will soon change.
I have a feeling it might take a while. I imagine Amazon has restrictive deals with publishers. But still, forward progress! Save the trees!
O, jeez! Now it's the trees. We are already under attack in this country for using toilet paper.
Just think what's going to happen to library books.
I guess you'll all have to start using library books instead of toilet paper. ;)
My point exactly. Who needs libraries. Let them buy from Amazon.
Daniel, you aren't in the USA???
No, I'm based in Sydney, Australia, where rye whiskey is damned hard to get hold of.


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