Any discouraged writers out there? Just read a great interview with crime novelist James Lee Burke. Here is what he wants you to remember:

“Don’t ever quit. Never quit. Never show anybody you’re hurt. Grin and walk through the cannon smoke. It will drive them up the wall. You always stay true to your own principles. You always believe in your gift. God doesn’t make mistakes when he presents someone with a gift like that. It’s there for a reason. Tell the naysayers, those who reject you, to drop dead! Who Cares?” (Excerpt from an interview with Burke in the Writer's Digest magazines, Nov.  Ec. 2011 issue written by Lindsey O'Connor)


I love this guy's attitude!

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I have a friend who works in the arts and is privileged as well to be a teacher --and a liver transplant survivor, at that. When told the odds of succeeding in his field were one out of one hundred, he replied, "Well, then, I feel sorry for the other 99!" Then he proceeded to follow his passion and excel in his field when anyone with 'common sense' would have given a thought to getting a nice safe job as an accountant.

Writer after writer will tell you that the James Lee Burkes and others that get the big bucks are far and few in between, but most people write not to get rich (though it doesn't hurt) but because they have the fire to write, something to say no matter what --and in this day of e-publishing and print-on-demand, it is easier than ever to get your work into print (or on someone's e-reader) and get what you need to say out there in the world. Sometimes it's lonely, seems useless, an exercise in futility, but as one dear Irish friend one said (you'll have to imagine his brogue here), "When ya get to the gate of Heaven, the first thing God's gonna ask ya is, 'so what did ya do with the gifts I gave ya?" "
Thanks for sharing, Mark. I agree with you. All He asks of us is to make good use of those gifts we've been given.

I'm sure it's no coincidence that I found your discussion today. Reading it made me smile. It was just what I needed. Thank you!

I read this today:  Writer's block is when your imaginary friends stop talking to you.  I smiled, then wrote 1500 works on my next chapter.

A quote I use, along the same vein, is 'The path to success is littered with the bodies of those who gave up.' I don't remember whose quote this is, but I love and remind myself of it often. We all have bad days - they are what make the good days so good. Write on.

Just logged on to find this. Entering the New Year found me feeling despondent. I found more motivation here to use my own gifts. Thanks.

Good for you.  I'm in the doldrums today myself.  When I read my own entry (above) I remembered  how I felt that day and started writing again.  I guess its called taking your own medicine.  

Thanks Hunter.

Starting a couple of new projects myself. Feeling good about them, but they're starting slow, it seems.
Good luck all,
David DeLee
A Cold Wind - a Grace deHaviland novella

If a writer is never discouraged, he's not improving.

Like that quote, Dana.


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