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Good tips.

Millar is somebody's wife, right?

Millar was Ross Macdonald's wife. (Real name Kenneth Millar.)

Ah, that's right.  Thanks.

That would have been an interesting family to have dinner with.

I've read Tana French's In the Woods. Excellent, very dark. Have not yet read any of her other novels, but they've gotten great reviews. And, of course, the Laura Lippman novels mentioned are also very good. Not her series, the stand alones.

Just finished The Good German, by Joseph Kanon. Yeah, I know it wasn't mentioned in the article, but the book just knocked me out. Set in Berlin in the summer 1945 after the Germans surrendered (but before Japan did), it's a seriously dark novel, many horrific tragedies for many people. Yes, it's a mystery, but with a plethora of moral ambiguities. Who's guilty of what and why? Or maybe everyone's guilty. Or no one. I was in Berlin (back in the '80s), West and East Berlin before the wall came down, I loved the fact that there's a detailed map with historical places noted (like Hitler's bunker). For what it's worth, I did not see the movie, with George Clooney and Kate Blanchette. Clooney plays an American journalist who returns to search for the German woman (Blanchette) he had an affair with (who was married to one of the German scientists working on the rockets). 

That does sound good.  Nice companion piece to "Stallion Gate" maybe?

Stallion Gate is a sweet bedtime story compared to The Good German, trust me. So many characters in so much pain. It raises some very serious issues on all sides. Like, the US military were supposed to be the "good guys" because they liberated the death camps. But that gets murky ... don't want to reveal too much here, but not all the Jews were innocent either. Some fingered other Jews to save themselves. And paid dearly for it in the end.

Oooo, I'm sold.

Well how about this one

100 "must read" thrillers in one ebook.  Free at the moment.  

Mixed reviews, I see. In any case, I've got stacks and stacks of books to read now. If I got that book I  might stress out and eat a big hot fudge sundae with coffee ice cream and walnuts.  :)

Oh yeah, forgot to say my DIVA is free today, Wednesday and Thursday. Jazz up your July with a New Orleans crime thriller. Sex crazed stalker nabs a young nubile flute soloist ...

Whoopee, just checked and it is #1  in freebee Kindle hard boiled mysteries and police procedurals.

Hey, hey, hey... give that lady a hand.

Be very interest to see how that affects your sales.


Thanks, Cammy. Amazingly, I sold FIFTY-TWO copies of Absolution (my other non-free book) yesterday. Last time I checked today, I had more than 12K free downloads of DIVA, still sitting at #1 on Hardboiled and Mystery lists, #3 on Mystery-thrillers, and #15 out of ALL ebooks.

You think I should eat my hot fudge sundae now?? :)


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