Anyone know a cop/detective I could contact for my book?

Its been awhile since I've posted here

I'm looking for a cop or a detective ( male or female- not particular) who would be interested in helping me out with a few procedural details in the next two books I'm working on

Here is the plot of the books.....

I am in the middle of a three book series about a Cleveland Detective. The first book is called A Strange Life and is on kindle.

Crowell almost dies from a gut wound in a cemetery and since that day he encounters people with weird problems ( like as in Twilight Zone kind of stuff that pulls their daily routine out from under them) He does this in between doing his normal day job as a detective handling robberies and car jacking and such

Now what I need is when I have a question on police procedures I'd like to ask them a question about such stuff so I'm in the ballpark of accuracy ( despite the fact I am aware there will be slight differences if they are from one state and I happen to be in Ohio) I just want to be more accurate than just guessing so any readers won't get pulled from the story

LIke one example I have is Crowell gets led to a house where he suspects a girl is being held against her will and the only legit tip he has on this is from a guy who told him he has visions of the house because he bought a few sweaters from a thrift store and there is residual aura from the bad guy and the new owner of the sweater can "see" the home where the girl is being held. The part I am stuck on is Crowell arguing with his Captain on what grounds can he break in the door since his only tip is from a wacko source (Crowell, of course, believes the guy and the sweater theory but the Captain has to file these reports and they have to have some foundation of reality-- an unending battle between Crowell and the Captain in these matters)

And yes I have already contacted a few local departments here in Ohio and no nibbles ( possibly for legal reasons even though its a fictional project)

So..... if anyone knows a cop willing to trade emails I can offer a thank you to them in the forward of the books

I plan to try getting these books finished over the next few months

I cannot pay anything but they will have my eternal gratitude ( I CAN offer to give them a cameo in the book if they want)

So let me know     I have to work this afternoon so I won't see any replies til tonight

Thanks all

Here is my email - feel free to pass it forward to someone who might be interested

More info about Strange Life on my webpage

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Try asking your question in the story research forum on the absolute write water cooler:

I am not a cop, but I have done a lot of research, and I'm thinking you need to have something going on in that apartment that would give sufficient cause for a no-knock entry. Other than the whole aura thing. Or, some crooks are so stupid that if he just knocks and asks to come in for some reason they might let him in.

Thanks JE     I just posted it there    I appreciate your thoughts and kindness very much

J.E. is right: there will have to be more probably cause to kick in the door.  Not onl will a search warrant be needed, a "no knock" warrant may be required, and those are hard to get.

If the forum doesn't have an answer, you might contact the Cleveland PD Public Affairs Office. Most major cities have an office that handles media requests, including those from fiction authors. You'd probably do better with them by narrowing and rephrasing your request. Something like, "What's required to get a search warrant in Ohio?" (Come to think of it, a Google search for "what's required to obtain a search warrant?" may work even better.)

If time is of the essence, they may have t0o invent a reason to go in, as exigent circumstances can allow police to enter. ("Do you smell gas?" Holy shit, there's a gas leak. I wonder if anyone is inside.") That's awfully transparent, but I took it off the top of my head. This kind of things may also allow you to build your character, as the reader sees which rules he's willing to bend, and how much.

Hi Frank,

I spent 10 years as full LEO and 12 years as an AUX. I will be glad to help you out all I can ... give me a shout


Garry      Okay sounds good-- my email is

Contact the media relations officer at your local police department. Somebody there will be glad to help you out. Don't forget retired detectives.


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