Anyone looking forward to Tom Clancy's newest in December?

I should think it has a toe in the crime genre


It's called Dead or Alive and is due out end of this year

I think it marks his first book in ten years!


Anyone looking forward to it?

Did anyone know he had even written something?


I for one look forward to it. I want to see what's been on Clancy's mind as of late....

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Definitely! The Hunt for Red October is a classic, and I know his co-author on this one, Grant Blackwood, personally. (Grant has also co-written with Clive Cussler.) Can't wait!
Hardcover: 848 pages
I confess that I left Clancy behind a few books ago because technical manuals with a feathering of fiction were not my interest.
I could/should have said "by-the-numbers, Western Union" fiction.
But, he sells books. So who am I to judge? I'm not in his writers group! ;)
Tom Clancy's book, not a ghost's?
Not sure. But it's noteworthy because it's the first time he's written something as a follow-up to Hunt for Red October.
"co-written" with Grant Blackwood
Aside from it being a follow-up to Red October (I didnt know that) and he has a co-author (Mr. Blackwood) there isn't much more I know than the blurb in Amazon

Maybe there will be (at least) in interview with Blackwood?

I would think the publisher forked out some decent advance money on this (Unless it's the last book of a prior deal) and they would want as much publicity as possible

It's due out in 3 months so we'll have to wait and see what marketing plans unfold
Heck, just a ten minute piece on Good Morning America would give them 4 or 5 million eyeballs
A spot on Charlie Rose, while not as many numbers, I would think would give them a good deal more sales because I think Rose attracts readers who want to buy books whereas GMA has become more of a fluff format (but thats my opinion based on no facts)
Here's the deal announcement from Publishers Marketplace last April with a few more details (keep in mind that print runs in announcements are not accurate, but they do give an indication of the level of intended publisher support):

Tom Clancy's DEAD OR ALIVE, written in collaboration with U.S. Navy veteran Grant Blackwood, gathering 26 years of his Clancy's major fictional characters to jointly face the threat of modern terrorism, as Jack Ryan, Jr. and his colleagues at a secret US counter-terrorism organization, have been waging an unofficial campaign against terrorists and are on the trail of terrorist mastermind the Emir -- but winning the war on terrorism doesn't appear to be a priority for President Kealty, Jack Ryan's successor in the Oval Office, to Putnam (NA) and Michael Joseph in the UK, for publication on December 7, 2010, in an announced 1.75-million-copy first printing, by Mike Ovitz.
Sounds like Clancy is showing us his politics again.

As to creative? Could be the same plot for "24" had they planned to continue it.
Sounds like Clancy has joined the 18% imho


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